Terms of Services


By signing up to our servers through our website, clients agree to abide by all the terms of our terms of services.

Provision of Services. Sinoserver provides dedicated servers rental and colocation, virtual private servers and cloud servers in multiple locations across the Greater China region. The provision of these services is subject to the respect of the terms of services as below.

Customer Information. Clients are required to use true, valid information when subscribing to our services. In case of change of information, clients should update these details in their billing account at our website. In general, Sinoservers does not require photo identification or the submission of passport or other identification documents.

Disclosure to Third Parties. Sinoservers will keep clients information confidential and will not disclose/resell it to third parties. Sinoservers may however disclose this information to Law Enforcement authorities or to the governemnt in Hong Kong if legally required to do so.

Illegal Activities. Sinoservers does not allow the use of its network to perpetrate illegal activities, including, but not limited to, spamming/bulk emailing, phishing, stealing third party information, using our servers to attack third party servers, hosting of illegal contents etc.

Invoices, Activation and Renewals. All invoices created upon placing an order at our website are due immediately. The service will be activated only after payment has been received in full. Renewal invoices are issued 15 days prior to due date and clients are advised to pay the invoice as soon as possible and make sure the payment reaches us three days prior to due date at the latest to allow sufficient time for us to renew the service.

Refunds. All payments made to Sinoservers are non-refundable. Once a service has been activated, Sinoservers will not be able to make any refund. This includes the set up fee and bandwidth overages. Extra payments (made above the due invoice) should be reported to Sinoservers within 30 days of occurence and will be added as billing credit.

Cancellations. Sinoservers require a 7-day notice prior to due date for the cancellation of its services. Clients who do not cancel within 7 days of the payment due date are expected to pay the outstanding invoices. Not paying an invoice is not a way of cancelling a service and Sinoservers reserves itself the rights to use legal and other channels to collect due monies on delinquent accounts.

Disconnections and Terminations. All services that are overdue may be disconnected at any time. A USD25 reconnection charge will be charged on all invoices that have not been paid 48 hours after the due date. Sinoservers does not guarantee the availability of the server once overdue, as we may recycle the server/IP to provision new orders.

Chargebacks. Chargebacks made to credit cards or Paypal accounts for payment made to Sinoservers are not allowed. If such occurs, Sinoservers will charge a USD50 administrative charge.

Order modifications. Services that have been activated cannot be modified, in terms of plan or location.

Best effort support. Unless a specific management plan is purchased, Sinoservers support is limited to server reboots, operating system installation and network issue investigation. Any other support will be provided on a best effort basis without any guarantee in terms of time or resolution. Support is provided primarily during Hong Kong business hours, depending of datacenter and location, there may be a delay in handling support issues after business hours and during week ends.

Means of support. All communications and support requested are handled through our support ticket system. Due to the large number of customers and for security reasons, we are unable to handle accounts issues over the phone. All support tickets shall be replied within 24h, with the exception of Priority Support clients.

Priority Support. Clients who require a faster handling of their tickets can subscribe to our Priority Support plan which cost USD25/server/month. Priority Support clients tickets are usually handled within 1 to 3 hours. Priority Support also comes with a Proactive Uptime Monitoring (Ping + HTTP). Priority Support does not equal a Service Level Agreement or Managed Support.

ICP License. Per existing regulations in mainland China, any website physically hosted in mainland China must first obtain an ICP license. Clients who plan to host a website on their server in China with us must provide us with their ICP details in the order notes or through a support ticket. A server that is found to be hosting a website without an ICP license will be immediately suspended. The handling charge for ICP license application through Sinoservers is USD125.

Service Level Agreement. As an unmanaged service provider, Sinoservers does not guarantee a SLA on its services.

Resellers Responsibilities. As our clients, resellers are responsible in ensuring that their end users or clients abide by our terms of services.

Subsequent Changes. Sinoservers may change or updated its policies and terms of service at any time and without prior notice. Clients should visit this page from time to time to get the most updated terms of services.

Liability. Sinoservers provides its services on an as-is basis. Sinoservers should not be held liable for any damage, loss of data, profits, reputation or goodwill in the use of its services. Clients agree to indemnify Sinoservers and parent company Cycom Hong Kong Limited, its directors, employees, managers, vendors and affiliated parties of any such liability.

Legal Jurisdictions. The primary jurisdiction under which we operate is Hong Kong, where Cycom Hong Kong Limited, the company operating Sinoservers.com, is registered. Clients may also be subject to laws of mainland China, Taiwan, Macau based on the datacenter location of the services they have purchased, but also the United States and other countries if they use third party services (such as cPanel) that originate from those countries.