Reseller Program

Our reseller program is very simple

Our reseller program is very simple and is based on your aggregate or prepaid spending with us. Once you reach USD1,000 total spending with us (or if you prepay USD1,000), you can start enjoying discounts on all new sevices purchased from us.

Reseller discounts do not apply to add-on services (such as cPanel, additional IPs etc.) as well as upgrades (bandwidth, HDD).

Reseller discounts are for servers resold to third parties only. They do not apply for servers that are used internally or by affiliates.

Reseller Program

  • Standard

  • USD1,000 Total Spending
  • 2% discount
  • Gold

  • USD10,000 Total Spending
  • 5% discount
  • Platinum

  • USD25,000 Total Spending
  • 10% discount