Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers available from 19 datacenters from 7 locations in the greater China region
Hong Kong Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers solutions in Hong Kong, with multiple carriers including HGC, NTT, New World Telecom and PACNET. Eight different packages for all budgets.
Taiwan Dedicated Servers
We offer three dedicated server packages in Taiwan. Servers are hosted at Zhonghua Telecom and have good connectivity accross the Taiwan straits to China & Hong Kong.
Beijing Dedicated Servers
Dedicated server solutions in the capital city, Beijing. We use a dual-line datacenter combining both China Telecom and China Netcom.
Shanghai Dedicated Servers
Dedicated server solutions in China's financial capital, Shanghai. Three datacenters and 5 different packages available. Stable network and competitive pricing.
Jiangsu Dedicated Servers
HP & Dell Xeon-powered dedicated servers at Wuxi International Datacenter in Jiangsu province. Premium hardware on premium China Telecom network.
Zhejiang Dedicated Servers
Dedicated server solutions in Ningbo, the main port and trading center of the Zhejiang province. You can choose a server in Ningbo Telecom or at a dual line datacenter.
Fujian Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers in Xiamen special economic zone, Fujian province. Dual-line network with excellent connectivity accross the Taiwan straits.
Hunan Dedicated Servers
Affordable dedicated servers in Changsha, Hunan province. All servers come with 20Mbps dedicated bandwith. Suitable for high bandwidth servers due to low carrier costs.
Guangdong Dedicated Servers
Dedicated server solutions in China's manufacturing hub, Guandong. Datacenters in Shenzhen, Dongguan & Zhongshan.
Chongqing Dedicated Servers
Chongqing is the hub to Central & Western China. We provide dedicated servers with Chongqing Telecom. Best choice for inland China dedicated servers.
Sichuan Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers at Sichuan Telecom datacenter. Excellent connectivity to Western China.
Macau Dedicated Servers
Limited supply for dedicated servers in Macau SAR. We use CTM Datacenter. Yearly contracts only.